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Google Places and Local Business Marketing

When business owners think of Google search their focus is typically getting their website onto the first page of Google. In the current competitive markets this is no longer enough, as your audience can find what they want, whenever they want, in any location using mobile devices.

Effective local business marketing strategies also include other online assets that can also get you onto page one of Google. Video channels and online business directories, particularly those that focus specifically on your industry will assist your business to be present on the first page of google.

Local business marketing is more than just having your website listed once and hoping that out of all of the results shown the potential customer clicks on your website. By using the right techniques you can get your business listed multiple times on page one of Google and really dominate the search results.

Google Places, formerly known as Google Local, is a fantastic free opportunity for small business.

In this YouTube tutorial, Jason McDonald explains best practices for claiming a Google Places listing. Learn not only how to claim a Google Places listing for your small business, but how to optimize a Google Places listing for best local SEO.