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Creating an Effective Landing Page

What do visitors first see when they come to a website? What is the all-important “attractive” offer clients can only find on your website? These questions signify the level of importance of a strong landing page. So then, how is a landing page able to accomplish this?

What’s the Purpose of a Landing Page?

The landing page is where consumers can sign up to an e-newsletter, make purchases or make first contact with the business. If a landing page is successful in this a conversion will have generated changing web traffic into a stream of leads that help you generate more sales.

Landing Page – First Impressions

First impressions of websites have the most impact upon the consumer’s choice. Research indicates that many consumers’ fill out forms even before the pages clicked have finished loading. It is important that the consumer understands the offer on the landing page instantly which highlights the importance of a landing page.

When creating this effect it important to remember how to accomplish instant understanding within the consumer’s limited memory capacity. More complicated landing pages will have trouble obtaining efficiency with instant understanding as they hold too much information for the consumer to understand. In addition to this client’s will always travel to your landing page from an external link which has clued the consumer in regards to what they expect on the landing page.

As the client now holds expectations on what the landing page will offer, it is important to ensure this does not happen by only including information that revolves around their interests. Keeping the signing up process will increase the chances of a successful signup because the consumer’s time is valuable and won’t waste time on lengthy application processes.

Simple, Clean and Trustworthy

An effective landing page will apply a simplistic approach to the content of the page. This strategy hopes to encourage visitors to reach it by eliminating distractions.

  • Make the page without any navigation. It should not have any place to click, even a link taking visitors back to the homepage.
  • Do not include any hyperlink – including menu items – that will distract people from what they are there to do. The only clickable button on the page should be the “sign-up” button.

All your graphics should be placed upon the page in attempt to be perceived as professional and trustworthy. Filling forms generally require people to provide information they regard as sensitive in some way. You must appear (and be) credible to win their trust. As a rule of thumb, ensure the information is available where the visitors can see it easily without scrolling.

Review and Test your Landing Page?

To ensure your landing page works 100% it is important to check it yourself. Go through the process of signing up an account and see how effective it is. A feedback and review process is key to the effectiveness of the page.

If you would review your existing landing page or create a new landing page, contact us to discuss how we can assist you.