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Business Marketing with Facebook

About Facebook

Facebook is a social network made for connecting people with their friends, family, co-workers, or simply others with similar interests. Facebook is currently the most popular and dominant Social Networking Platform.

Why Use Facebook for Business Marketing?

People interact with their favourite brands on Facebook more than any other network, the engagement is real and often results in action – likes, shares or sales.

With the huge volumes of traffic, Facebook provides many opportunities for businesses to leverage the user base to help them meet marketing goals and reap the benefits. And for many, it’s working. Recent data reports that 41% of B2B companies and 62% of B2C companies have acquired a customer from Facebook. Facebook’s users are connecting with businesses and nonprofits and sharing the news, deals, and other content from those organizations.

Consumers now choose when to interact with you, on what channel, and on what terms. Facebook is one of the networks that enables this consumer freedom
– it’s a network users navigate based on their own interests. Being involved with Facebook provides your business with an opportunity through marketing to engage with potential consumers and increase your service and sales.

Fundamentals of Facebook Marketing

  • What Your Customers Say About You Matters – We don’t trust what brands say about themselves, but we do trust what our friends say – 90% of consumers trust word of mouth above all other forms of advertising.
  • Online Recommendations Translate into Purchases – Friend recommendations have a significant impact on purchasing decisions.
  • You Must Provide a Great Customer Experience – Social media provides every person with a stage to share their thoughts and opinions with friends and other consumers.
  • Provide a great customer experience and social media will reward you with positive reviews and endorsements that attract new business.
  • Permission is Key – Permission is granted in the following ways:
    • Opt-in with an email address
    • Facebook “Like”
    • Twitter Follow
    • LinkedIn Connection
    • Attendance at an Event
  • You Must Listen and Respond – Social media marketing is more about listening and responding than it is about broadcasting a message.
  • Social Media Marketing is a Commitment – Invest time in both talking and listening.
  • Have a plan for creating engaging content.
  • Find the right tools that will help you save time.
  • You need to be consistent and patient and the relationships you build will pay off over time through increased customer loyalty and advocacy.

3 Basic Levers that determine Facebook Marketing Success

  1. Cut-Through – Brand messages reach fans via the News Feed
  2. Engagement – Fans talk about the content on the News Feed
  3. Amplification – News Feed content spreads to friends

Using Facebook as a Business Marketing Tool

Here are a few goals to consider when getting started using Facebook as a business tool:

  • Get found by visitors searching for your products or services
  • Create a community to connect and engage with current and potential followers
  • Promote your marketing offers to convert followers into leads and customers

Get Started by Setting up your Business Facebook Page